Filmed on New Year's Eve, in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  (I titled this video "mini" festival of lights because the festival of lights, Loi Krathong, which also takes place in Chiang Mai, is usually in November at the end of the Thai Lunar calendar. This crowd had gathered to celebrate the Gregorian New Year.)

Introducing: Brownesta

Director and Editor 

Tragic Relief: Coping with mortality, but in like a stupid way.


Tragic Relief: Putting yourself out there in our social media landscape. Just go for it!


 Preset #1

When a couple run errands together, this is what happens.

Director / Editor


Written & Produced by Bette Bentley. Directed by Vincent Peone and Bette Bentley. Edited by Monica Racic.

Piss is a short film about a girl trying to convince her feminist boyfriend to pee on her. Official selection of: Slamdance, AFF, Miami Film Festival, and Austin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and CFF (where it won "Best Comedy Short.")


Sausage Party Tonight

Director and Editor


Real Life

PSA created for the non-profit UniThrive, helping students get funding for college.

8 mm
Starring: Lauren & the Mayor of Central Park, Alberto Arroyo

Two Easy Payments
16mm film


part super8, part video, part projection

In this silent film, David Denby and Richard Brody critique "The Artist" and the lost art of cinema before sound.