The Front Row

From 2009-2016, I produced the weekly Front Row film podcast, a discussion and dissection of films old and new, with commentary by Richard Brody. 

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The once-simple pursuit of choosing a film to watch has become a strangely troubling experience in the digital age, with services like Netflix and LoveFilm offering a mind-bending quantity of titles. This brilliant video podcast by the New Yorker helps to counteract the tyranny of choice, providing one movie recommendation a week, backed up by a three-minute talk from the magazine’s movie listings editor, Richard Brody. His selections are deliberately varied, taking in everything from European arthouse to Charlie Chaplin to Indie Hollywood hits like Sophia Coppola’s beautifully poised drama Somewhere. I’m yet to be disappointed.
Pete Naughton, podcasts and internet radio columnist, "The Telegraph"

A sampling of recent episodes: